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慶應義塾大学 デジタルメディア・コンテンツ統合研究センター(DMC)

The Integrated Repository of Musical Resources project, at the Research Institute for Digital Media and Content (DMC), Keio University, digitizes rare musical texts collected by the Nanki Music Library, the first public music library in Japan (now owned by Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra).
Our digitization is not completed yet; however, in response to request to see the digitized musical texts, we provisionally open this pilot website for browsing them before the official release:

The digital pictures of the Nanki Music Library’s collection are uploaded on this website as soon as available. More than 500 items, including notes and books on music, as well as a number of non-musical materials, which have been digitized from the collection’s microfilms, are accessible now.

The Integrated Repository of Musical Resources project
the Research Institute for Digital Media and Content (DMC), Keio University

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